All you need to know

This is because our brand GOOD STITCH is directly backed up by a manufacturing mammoth of sustainable clothing who has 30 plus years of experience in exporting to the most sustainable markets of the world, the Scandinavian region. We are not just buying and selling products. Each garment we sell to our customers is manufactured in our in-house divisions and is also gone through stringent quality checks. The trust level is incomparable compared to other brands that buy and sell. Our products are pre-shrunk with Zero percent Shrinkage. There will be no hairiness or pilling on our organic products because of the bio enzyme wash in all our products.

Your shirts are more expensive than the similar shirts we find on the net?Why are there only about 30 styles in your store?Who is owning the brand GOOD STITCH?What is your policy adopted in manufacturing?What is the guarantee that your products are as good as your claims?

Our shirts are not expensive compared to the quality of the product. All cotton products are Organic. Every garment is pre-shrunk. Our fabric quality is such that the color will not fade or the garment will not lose its shape even after 15 washes. Our garment is comparable to any great product in the world. No brand is selling garments of our level of quality and description at this price level. Any brand selling this quality and profile charges about 20% higher than our garments according to our market analysis.

We have launched this brand only in November 2020. We would like to ensure that every style we introduce should stay in fashion forever. That is the reason we are mostly into Classic Fashion. We do not believe in fast fashion and introducing new styles very often. Our customers should be proud to wear our garments even years after their purchase. However, we will add new colours to our styles and a couple of new styles every 6 months which can stay in fashion ever. Our policy is Quality over Quantity.

It is Expoknits International (www.expoknits.com) established in 1990 in Tirupur India.

We prefer minimum wastage of resources, so we use recycled water in wet processes by using Reverse Osmosis technology. Besides, we keep the mother earth Pure and Sustainable by using cotton or fibres which are grown naturally in an organic way. We make the best use of water resources and for which we have been recognized by our GOTS Organic certificate. Furthermore, we use the safest dyes and chemicals for dyeing and printing and have been recognized by our OEKO-TEX certification for this. We believe to manufacture the products most humanitarian way by complying with all social and labour safety requirements and have been recognized by our SA 8000 certification for this. conclusively, we prefer to keep a very high level of the quality standard using all methods systems and gadgets in production.

We extend an open guarantee to all our customers that we will reimburse or replace any product which will not reflect the standards prescribed by us.