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Sustainable Eco Friendly Clothing & Organic Cotton Clothes

Style that does not compromise on sustainability:
We bring you an exclusive and versatile collection of timeless clothing based on the concept of sustainability. Our products are made from premium plant based fabrics in an effort to minimize the carbon footprint and preserve the natural and social resources for the next generation. We try to keep up to our vision of minimum wastage when manufacturing a product, in terms of energy, water, fabrics and other raw materials.

Natural Raw Materials combined with Ethical Manufacturing standards:
We strongly believe in using fabrics made of natural, plant based material for producing premium quality staples that would embrace you with its soft touch and antiallergenic feel. We are proud to be one among the handful of Sustainable Brands in India. These sustainable masterpieces are crafted only under ethical trade policies & standards. After all, happy employees make happy clothes and we want to make sure that, not only the planet but also the people making your clothes are happy and harm free.

For Every Skin Type
Rich with premium quality and utter-smooth texture, these sustainable clothes ensure to keep the body in a lap of comfort, keeping you itch-free all day long. Our purpose is to make you feel not only stylish but also comfortable. Our Organic cotton clothes at Good Stitch are suitable for the most sensitive skin types. We also make sure that we use only OEKO Tex class I dyes that are not harsh on the skin.

No Fast Fashion, no seasons
We are proud to not be a Fast Fashion brand, in that we do not want our customers to have to update their wardrobe every week or month with every changing season or trend. We believe in quality over quantity and would like our customers to have a timeless collection of high quality premiums than have low-quality, short-lived items that will end up in landfills sooner than later.