Expoknits International was promoted by its co-founders Asha Devadas and CV Devadas in the year 1990 in Tirupur city, the knit capital of the world. Devadas, a double graduate in Law and Economics and Asha Devadas, a post graduate in Literature were then a young couple with a meagre capital but with high aspirations to succeed in the industry of Apparel export business.

The Co-founders themselves packed their first shipment of 500 T-shirts to Switzerland in the year 1991. With hard work and determination in 1992, Expoknits got a major breakthrough with a leading customer in Norway for an order of 50000 pieces of Roll and Turtle Neck tees. This enabled the company to further establish themselves with other customers in Norway 

 In 1996 February Expoknits got associated with the mens buyer of Kekso Oy while attending the Cologne Fair.This proved a breakthrough to open an account with the largest department store in Finland, namely KESKO Oy.

From 2008 the company started producing for the largest retail group in Norway namely The Varner Group which owns the brands Dressman, Carlings, Cubus, Bik Bok etc. At the same time it also started working for a quality oriented premium fashion brand in Sweden namely Dr Denim Jeansmakers. Further it opened its account in a strong way with the largest department store in Sweden namely ICA. In May 2015 it had the great opportunity to co-sponsor the first International GOTS (organic) conference in the world which took place at The Lalit Sagar in Mumbai. After this event the company made it a point to produce as many Organic cotton products as possible.   

Having started its business in 1990, the company always had the great privilege of exporting to the most quality conscious and sustainable markets of the world, namely Scandinavia. Sweden, Finland and Norway are the company’s major markets. Using this long standing experience in these markets helped the company to launch a great premium, classic and sustainable knitted garments e-commerce brand GOOD STITCH in March 2021.(www.good-stitch.com). GOOD STITCH is the result of the Company’s experience and strength in quality, technology and sustainability. GOOD STITCH products are comparable to the best of the T shirt brands in the world, probably being the only sustainable brand directly from an experienced manufacturer.