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  • 1,950.00
    Let a magical hand pamper your body and mind as sustainably-sourced eucalyptus tree formulates tencil material which contributes to creating this flare dress, a package full of comfort, flexibility and coziness. The dress is truly a treasure as you not only exude flavorful fashion but also feel closer to nature, so let’s cherish its eco-friendly fabric.
  • 2,950.00
    A gift received from eucalyptus wood, cellulosic fiber tencil helps produce this full sleeve maxi dress, a modern fashion that lets you present yourself with scintillating style. The fiber contains natural high luster which maintains the magnificence of this maxi for longer, making it ideal for modern era fashion. Let’s embrace this versatile dress as it takes care of your health too.
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    Show not just style but also love towards environment by embracing maxi dress made up of natural fiber tencel. An ultra-modern women fashion that is being welcomed all over the world owing to its outstanding cut, vibrant hues that are impressive enough to enhance your look and natural fiber that promises ultimate comfort.
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    Featuring a fitted waist with an A-line skirt, this tencel skater dress reveals an innovative fashion that is here to stay. This dazzling dress makes a smashing combination with your personality since it is designed to be worn above the knees. The extremely smooth surface and natural dyes work wonders by keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • 2,350.00
    Made from tree wood pulp, the viscose fabric helps craft this bodycon dress which is timeless, tightly fitted and super stylish. The modern piece lets you flaunt your style with perfection as it is elegant enough to grab the eyeballs. The versatile fabric viscose makes this dress supremely soft, lightweight, luxurious and durable.
  • 2,200.00
    Get ready for cocktail parties like never before and make your formal events unforgettable by carrying this viscose sheath dress which promises to present you with an exceptionally unique flavor. Let your style roar as the sheath dress, which exudes sheer elegance is a true definition of modern-day fashion.