Why Good Stitch


Our Textile Manufacturing Company, Expoknits International was established in 1990 in the heart of the Textile City of Tiruppur. Knitted Garments being our prime focus, we began exporting to the Finnish Market and then went on to other Scandinavian Markets like Norway and Sweden. We now have over thirty years of industrial expertise in the Knitted Garment Manufacturing Industry.

GOTS Certified Organic Clothes, Oeko-Tex certified Sustainable clothes


Over the last three decades of manufacturing for the Scandinavian Industry, we have both witnessed and been a part of the shift in the Garment industry from reckless Fast Fashion to more conscious Sustainable Fashion. Today, being able to cater to this market entails Sustainable Manufacturing Processes as a basic mandate and not just a bonus. Our Manufacturing Units have been Audited and Certified GOTS, OCS, BCI and Oeko-Tex certifications. These certifications are in place to ensure that we follow the most sustainable practices and source the most sustainable materials for our products, focusing not only on quality but also on minimizing harmful impacts on the environment.


After 3 decades of manufacturing and exporting experience of sustainable knitted garments to our Scandinavian customers, we felt it is time that we take these great products directly to the consumer in the name of our brand: GOOD STITCH. Having been in the trade for the last few decades has helped us acquire the right supply chain as well the industrial expertise required to create high-quality sustainable garments made from the most premium fabrics. We at Goodstitch believe that the clothes we make should feel as good on our customers’ conscience as it does on their skin. Our pursuit is to create high-quality garments from premium plant-based materials like Organic Cotton, Supima Cotton, Tencel, Viscose that are long-lasting and timeless so that you do not feel the need to discard and renew your wardrobe every few months.

organic cotton clothes

Our Pursuit

More natural Fibres
Less is more
Slow Fashion
Minimum wastage